New report on the UN’s Sustainable Energy initiative: Sustainable Energy for All, or Sustained Profits for a Few?


Note: Gears of Change has documented the corporate capture of the UN agencies at the past two climate convention summits in Cancun, Mexico, and Durban, South Africa.  In Durban, we attended the launch of a new cross-agency UN initiative, entitled Sustainable Energy For All (SEFA), founded and launched by the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon.  This initiative, charged with developing an action plan and programme on sustainable energy for the Rio+20 Conference, already has explicit support in the Rio+20 Zero Draft- the document which will be brought to governments to endorse this summer in Rio.

So who, you might ask, is chairing this UN “Sustainable Energy For All” initiative, which seems to already have the gotten the green light to be passed at this summer’s Rio+20 “Earth Summit?”  Try the chair of Bank of America (and former CEO of Dupont), the former CEO of BP, and an ex-chairman of Shell Oil Company.  If you were wondering what the UN means when it touts ‘public-private partnerships’ and calls for a “free market revolution for global sustainability,’ look no further.  –The Gears of Change Media Team–

Biofuelwatch report here: Sustainable Energy for All, or Sustained Profits for a Few?


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