Gears of Change team to be reporting from UN Conference on Sustainable Development 3rd Intersessional meeting in New York City

Burlington, Vermont, North America

This Monday and Tuesday, March 26-27th, Gears of Change Youth Media correspondents Will Bennington and Keith Brunner will be reporting from the 3rd Intersessional meeting of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development.  Member nations to the UNCSD have been meeting in “informal-informal” sessions since March 19th, in the lead-up to this June’s Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development Summit, which will be held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Over the past week of negotiations, the intentions of powerful nations to strip away references to human rights and consolidate a free-market agenda within the context of a “Green Economy” have been made painfully clear.  Civil society groups have been organizing to pressure the European Union and other nations to step down in their attempts to remove references to the hard-won human right to water and sanitation from the Rio+20 Zero Draft negotiating text.

Gears of Change Youth Media will be interviewing civil society and social movement representatives at the negotiations about this monumental attempt by the most powerful nations to enclose and privatize the remainder of the world’s commons- the sky, coral reefs, biodiversity- through pushing speculative financial instruments modeled on the failing carbon markets.  We will also cover new developments in the UN Secretary General’s “Sustainable Energy For All” initiative, chaired by the chair of Bank of America (and former CEO of Dupont), which is supported in the negotiating text.

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