Gears of Change on the WGDR

Gears of Change co-founder Lindsey Gillies has been invited to speak on Joseph Gainza’s  community radio show “Gathering Place” at 9 am on May 8th, 2012. Tune in to hear Lindsey on WGDR 91.1 fm in the Plainfield, Vermont.

Gillies will be following up on themes from her keynote speech at 350 “Connect the Dots” event on May 5th. She will also be  speaking to Joseph Gainza about a variety of new topics, including climate justice, international climate finance, and the crisis of capitalism.

If you are not in Vermont or within range, you can live stream this program from


Gears of Change Speaker at 350 “Connect the Dots” Flagship Event put out a call to action stating, “From Vietnam to Vermont, people around the world will come together on 5/5/12 to connect the dots between extreme weather and climate change.”  Pushing for policies and practices which will end our dependency on fossil fuels, organized a day of day of action to stress the urgency of the climate crisis.

Waitsfield, Vermont hosted the flagship event, inviting folks from across the state came together to “connect the dots” between climate impacts and the changing climate. Much of the focus of the day was on the devastation caused Hurricane Irene on the state.

Along with Bill McKibben, Bernie Sanders, and Governor Shumlin, Gears of Change founder Lindsey Gillies was invited to speak as a keynote at this event.

Photos of Gillies on Flickr:

 Gillies’ keynote speech touched on the lack of action at international climate summits, the shrinking of civil society’s voice within official policy-making spaces, and the need to end industrial infrastructure and mega energy projects.

Gillies received a standing ovation for her simple suggestions to the solving the climate crisis: “Keep the coal in the hole. Keep the oil in the soil. And keep the tar sands in the land.”