Gears of Change is a youth-led media project and educational platform which uses stories and research to challenge the current economic paradigm and its power structures. Gears of Change monitors the development of climate “solutions” rooted in neoliberalism, agribusiness, and international finance.

Gears of Change believes current proposals for a ‘green capitalism’ represent neocolonialism, the commodification of nature, and the corporate take-over of the environmental debate. Instead, we advocate for a rights-based approach to current environmental concerns, which recognizes human rights, community and indigenous peoples’ rights, and the rights of nature.


To confront organizations that directly undermine a world based on human rights, community and indigenous peoples’ rights, and the rights of nature by using youth-produced media to bring new perspectives to mainstream audiences.

To work toward a stronger, more resilient network of individuals, communities, and social movements who share a common goal of a more horizontal, just, and democratic world.

Lindsey Gillies

Project Coordinator

An award-winning journalist, community organizer, and environmental activist, Lindsey has worked with global economic policy and social movements in Tanzania, India, New Zealand and Mexico.  Lindsey led the Gears of Change team at the United Nations  COP16 and COP17 climate negotiations in 2010 and 2011.

Keith Brunner

Media Coordinator

Keith is an environmental organizer and educator who has been organizing around the climate crisis since 2007, with experience from ecology education for children to designing and teaching a college-level global economics class.  Keith was Gears of Change’s media coordinator at the United Nations COP16 and COP17 climate negotiations in 2010 and 2011, and organizes locally in Vermont with various groups.  His work has been published on Climate Connections and Toward Freedom.

Rob Fish

Policy Correspondent

Rob has been organizing around trade, climate, media and agriculture issues for about 15 years. Rob started and directed the food sovereignty organization Food for Maine’s Future.  Rob recently returned to Vermont to complete his Masters in Public Administration at the University of Vermont.

Will Bennington

Policy Correspondent

Will is a farmer and street musician who has been organizing around urban agriculture policy, labor and food access for the past five years.  Will helped start the Burlington, VT chapter of Food Not Bombs and has been involved in campaigns and actions to close weapons manufacturers, stop layoffs at public universities and discredit the “Carbon War Room” and Lockheed Martin’s attempts to greenwash his beloved city.  He studied sustainable forest management at the University of Vermont.


One thought on “About

  1. Lindsey, heard you on wgdr speaking of the need of a new paradigm. What’s needed is the ultimate paradigm shift, one that leads to many new paradigms. One that exposes the shadow government, and the suppression of energy technology’s of the likes of Tesla, and zero point energy technology, that would’ve solved all of Earths energy needs at least 50 years ago. As you know humanity is sliding down a Very slippery slope. Perhaps you don’t know the Disclosure Project has had the solution since 1993, coming to full light in 2001 with National Press Club testimony of former military, and government witnesses… From the Disclosure Project comes The Orion Project. It is a not-for-profit corporation created to transform the current energy, environmental and social crisis into a world of sustainability and enlightened abundance. If the people lead, the leaders will follow! best wishes, sincerely, kevin

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